Monday, January 08, 2007

the best of intentions

When Daniel's preschool sent home notes about free eye exams, I thought, okay, it can't hurt anything. He already wears glasses and has a pediatric optometrist.
The exam came and went, and not surprisingly, he failed. Daniel seems to think eye exams are a game and doesn't like to play by the rules. Then the phone calls started.
The organization in charge of the exams let me know that Daniel's glasses were scratched. Yep, I have two new pair on order. Well, he only tested at 20/50. Yep, he was playing games with you, but his next appointment is this week. Perhaps we should call you after that appointment to make sure he went and check on the results. What? Excuse me? I know my kid has problems seeing, he has an optometrist, and as parents we're doing the things we need to, so kindly get off my back!
I can't wait until they call again, after his appointment.

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