Tuesday, February 20, 2007

At his leisure

I thought this morning that I would avoid the daily fight with Daniel by letting him do things his way. Sleep as late as he wanted to, play when he first woke up, come out for breakfast when he wanted, the works. Turns out I caused a bigger fight because my darling child, it turns out, is indecisive.
"I don't want bananas in my cereal." he announced.
"OK, put them in my bowl," I offered.
He did, but midway through the meal he decided he liked bananas after all.
"Can I have a banana?"
"No, when I gave you one you gave it back. So now you can't have one."
Then came time to get dressed.
"Here are your pants and jacket, pick out a shirt." (I'm no fool, if I gave him complete freedom of choice we'd be there all morning.)
"I don't want Lightning McQueen."
"Really? You love Lightning McQueen. How about your firetruck shirt?"
"I want Lightning McQueen!"
"Okay, here it is, put it on."
"I don't like red!"
(Insert mommy meltdown)
And when I call my mom, she chuckles. Because I and my sister both put her through the same seven levels of hell every day of our childhoods. It's amazing we lived to see adulthood.
Sorry, mom.

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