Thursday, February 15, 2007

Die, flu bug, die!

It's been a rough month in our area for fighting the flu. Half my office has come down with it, I got it, gave it to Chris, who gave it back to me. Fortunately, Daniel has stayed healthy (knock, knock, knock on wood!).
So what can a poor mom do?
1: prevent. Clorox is your friend. I wash all of Daniel's clothes in color-safe bleach. They may not have that "new" look as long, but at the rate he's growing, I'm not worried about longevity. Sheets get the same treatment, and towels have always gotten the bleachworks to prevent mold. Also wipe down doorknobs, car seats and door handles, countertops and favorite toys. My favorite recent invention is the can of Clorox wipes. There's a story on Yahoo! today that says your work desk is germier (is that a word?) than the bathroom! eeew.
2: treat. I know people who have been down with this thing for a week. When I got sick, I took a dose of Theraflu and slept for 40 hours. So mom, don't mess around. If you're sick, call in the reinforcements. Stay in bed. If you try to keep doing it all, it'll take longer to get well again. And yes, I did have to learn that the hard way.
3: entertain. If it's the kids who are sick, get some of those allergy masks from the drugstore for everyone else. While you're at it, grab some cheap medical gloves so you can play "hospital" with the patients. Of course, they make cute balloons, too. This might also be the time to cave on having a tv in the kids' room. Make one room in the house the "sick" room and confine the illness as best you can. Also, this cuts down on the sheet-washing a little bit. Remeber to clorox everything from the light switch down and remember, this too, shall pass!

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