Monday, February 12, 2007

Here come the brides

If proper planning can guarantee a beautiful, flawless wedding, my daughter is way ahead of the game. Thanks to a clearance rack software program entitled, "My fantasy wedding," Faith has been immersed in planning her nuptuals and designing weddings for other couples. From our computer, she has been picking out rings, designing gowns, choosing tuxedos, creating her music programs and selecting cakes. She can choose from a variety of venues such as a chapel, beach or park. The ceremony includes special vows tailored to the occasion. She chooses her wedding party, does everyone's hair and designs their gowns. Once she makes her selections from several stores and plans all the other details, she sits back and watches the event unfold. During a recent ceremony in which she fashioned herself as the bride, her gown was purple to match the bridesmaids' flowers and the tuxedos for the groomsmen. Faith had died her hair blue, but it's not clear whether she had selected something borrowed. Her groom wore a white tux with a salmon-colored ruffled shirt, and her bridesmaids were also dressed in white. Let's just hope she gets this out of her system. If not, I might have to select a straight jacket for my mother of the bride attire.
- Liz

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