Tuesday, February 06, 2007

top teens

If you haven't seen the Telegraph's "Fresh Ink" page lately, grab a copy of today's paper. Kendall Dreyer has one of the best columns I've read in a while, and tells the story of a good group of kids. Her tale gives hope to those of us adults jaded enough to be seriously worried about future generations. Kudos to her parents.
Also featured on the page could be the next REM - a local band paying their dues and playing music they love without taking the "American Idol" shortcut. "King of the Juice" fans have an edge in that the band members seem to care more about their music than fame - pretty smart for a group of high school gentlemen.
The kids featured on "Fresh Ink" - and the kids who put the page together - are the ones we should watch as future leaders of our society, and thank our lucky stars.

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