Monday, February 26, 2007

Fun at Lowes

Dad and Daniel went to a Lowe's workshop for kids Saturday morning. Daniel got his own protective goggles, tool apron, and when they were done, a certificate of completion and patch for the apron.

They made a wooden race car, which is right up Daniel's alley. He hammered on the wheels, sanded the body and applied stickers to create the Lowe's NASCAR. (Of course, when they got it home dad had to paint it red.) The point is, parents and kids had a morning out, the kids had a great time and learned a few things about tools, and they got to take home a semi-indestructable toy.

For Chris and Daniel, it has started a new hobby. Chris found a slightly more complicated wooden model of a truck, and he and Daniel are going to spend the next few nights working together on it.


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