Friday, February 09, 2007

an hour's enough

It turns out an hour of sleep (and large doses of caffeine) got me through the day yesterday. And Daniel and I actually had a GOOD day - no fights at all! I attended story time and Valentine-making at his school, then we walked the Wellston trail to Fountain park. He was disappointed that there weren't any other kids there, but he and the dog played for a while, then we walked home. He amused himself with trains while I cooked dinner, then dad took over. It helped that our canine guest had been relocated. Unfortunately, it turns out he escaped his new home (if anyone finds a rat terrier wandering the streets of Warner Robins, he really is homeless).
So today it's back to normal - fighting about what clothes he's going to wear, taking 45 minutes to eat cheerios with a banana, and the agonizing decision over what to bring for show n tell. Ah, the rhythm of parenthood.

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