Monday, February 19, 2007

Childhood, an encore presentation

Our cat let out one of those meows that can best be translated as "HELP." Our kitty, Moo Moo, wanted desperately to be rescued. It's partly my fault that Faith wanted to dress up the cat and carry him around like a baby. This weekend I rented the Disney Classic, "The Three lives of Thomasina." I had seen the 1964 movie as a child and remembered the little girl's angst at the loss of her cat. Although I couldn't recall much of the plot, I had images of the girl wandering out in the rain and becoming deathly ill as she searched for her beloved pet. This morning, Faith was toting Moo Moo in a baby blanket. She was calling, "Thomasina, Thomasina." In the movie, the young girl was fond of dressing the cat in doll clothes. So far Moo Moo has escaped that humilation - but the day is young.
Liz Fabian

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