Monday, March 05, 2007

Carryout critic: Italian Pie

In a recent spate of "too busy to cook," I have been picking up - not fast food, but food, fast. That means carryout from some of our regular eat-out restaurants. I don't have enough to start a separate blog, but I'll post what I've found out here. Share with your friends!
Location: Italian Pie - 738 Russell Parkway (478) 918-0084
Date/Time of visit: Tuesday, April 27; 4:45 p.m.
In/Out: under 10 minutes
Cost: $17 to feed 2 adults and one child
Recommendation: high
My inital visit to Italian Pie on Russell was a stroke of desperation. The car had been in the shop that day, which meant running a bunch of errands after work (in base traffic) rather than at lunch or before work. So I dropped in. No calling ahead, no idea what I wanted. I just walked up to the bar on a sunny Tuesday afternoon and picked up a menu. Hmmm. So many yummy choices! But we've turned over a new leaf, so to speak, and are eating more vegetables in our house. So I perused the salad section and settled on two different options.
Daniel and I had a grilled chicken garden salad. Not your usual, boring iceberg and tomatoes with a graze of carrots, mind you - the greens were varied and crisp, the veggies a delightful variety. For dad, I picked up a mediterranean salad with artichokes, olives and a bright assortment of "others."
What delighted me most was the packaging. Keeping in mind they were serving up carry-out, the Italian Pie crew boxed my hot chicken separate from my cold greens. So when I got home, the greens were still crisp and fresh instead of half-cooked. Chris also loved the tomato pesto dressing - using half of it for his bread instead of on the salad. The servings were plentiful, even when Daniel asked for seconds!
So I can't recommend Italian Pie highly enough if you're in that dinner pinch. Grab and go, without the guilt!

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