Thursday, March 08, 2007

No longer curious about George

Now that I'm home in the evenings, I've discovered Curious George. Faith likes to watch him as I'm getting things ready for supper. I must say it is my favorite kid show at the moment. Not only is it adorable, but each episode teaches some important principle. The other night, it demonstrated balance as George was walking a tight rope and making mobiles. Another episode explained weight distribution as it relates to snow shoes. The thirty minute program features two stories followed by video of children experimenting with the same principles George encountered or they recap the story. You'll find Curious George on PBS, so check your local listings. We record it for Faith during the day. But what's up with the guy in the yellow hat? I don't see that he has a job, he leaves his monkey unattended most of the time and he wears ALL yellow. Maybe they should have called him "Yella Fella." Oh, I guess that job's already taken by that guy on the billboards promoting Yella wood.
- Liz


mother of two girls said...

You are so right!! I am no longer curious about George, either. I couldn't understand what in the world kids would be getting out of the monkey that couldn't even talk. But after being forced to watch it every morning by my 2-year old daughter while getting ready for work and her off to daycare, it has become more obvious to me. George is like a curious child that takes things at face value, not understanding how to read between the lines. Take the episode where there was not enough room to store all the groceries in the cupboard. George saw the squirrel storing all his food in the ground (where there was more than enough space). Of course the man in the yellow hat was upset but what could you expect from the 'youngster'. You just sit them down explain what went wrong and go from there.

I have come to really enjoy all the life lessons taught and learned by Curious George and his mishaps. Even though the same episode is a repeat by that evening, my daughter is still all too excited to see it again!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are discussing our presidnent...