Monday, March 19, 2007

an unpopular position

I've been trying to post for several days, but every computer I touch seems to turn on me!
Anyway, I'm coming out this morning in favor of red-light cameras. I know this is a topic that has been much-discussed recently, and that I'm taking an unpopular position. But as I sat at the intersection of Watson and Houston Road this morning, I watched three cars breeze through the intersection after the light changed. Then I watched one run the red light on Houston. Finally, as my turn light changed and I started through my left-hand turn. And promptly slammed on the brakes as a gray and red older-model truck blew through the intersection, missing me by inches. As far as I can tell, the driver never touched his brakes. And I know he was going faster than the posted 35 miles an hour. The passenger had the nerve to flip me the bird. I'm soooo glad Daniel wasn't in the car!

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