Friday, March 09, 2007

school's out again?!?

Houston County kids have Monday off from school. And Spring Break is the first week in April - just two weeks away! So once again we are faced with the age-old question of what to do with the kiddies when those long days stretch before us. Here are some ideas:
YMCA camp - the Houston County Y is having a remodeling special on their spring break camp. This is an organization I really support, and pretty much trust as far as nonprofits go. Plus, the kids burn a lot of energy during their time there.
Macon Children's Museum - There's enough to do at this indoor playground to keep the kids busy for several hours. And at $5 for a family, it won't break the bank the way spending a rainy day at the movies will.
Michaels - Take in a Saturday craft class, then get enough supplies to spend a day making the craft at home. One for grandma, one for aunt Kim, one for my teacher, one for the neighbor lady who occasionally baby-sits... P.S. - Don't miss the ice-cream making class at the cafe downstairs.
Disposable cameras and a photo album - It's spring - so send the kids out into the yard or take them to the neighborhood park and let them find new things to practice their photography skills on. Budding flowers, new shoots on the trees, that squirrel that's been teasing the dog all winter... Then get Wal-Mart's one-hour developing for $6 and either an inexpensive scrap book or make one out of construction paper and string to tape the pictures in. It's not supposed to last any longer than it takes the teacher to ask, "so what did you do on your vacation?"

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