Saturday, March 10, 2007

A golden girl, for sure

The ad campaigns certainly made it look like raisins were a good candy substitute for kids. Tiny red boxes with the brunette lady enshrined in yellow seemed like the perfect take along snack. But often by the time you got to those remaining boxes,the tiny orbs of sweetness were crusty and almost as hard as pebbles. At least that's what I seem to find in the back of my cabinets. Well, now I am sold on golden raisins. How can anyone resist their carmelly goodness in baked goods? If you can't tell, I just made a batch of muffins and opened a new box that was perfectly fresh. Of course I haven't seen the golden raisins packaged as snack size, but they are great. I also particularly enjoyed some Welch's dried fruit snacks I bought for Faith as a substitute for fruit-flavored gummies. Alas, the dried fruit still has added sugar, but I guess we're moving in the right direction.
- Liz

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misty said...

Daniel still thinks rasins in his cereal are "chocolate." I'm not disabusing him of the notion!