Wednesday, March 07, 2007

a shot to the heart

After months of fighting with Daniel every morning to get him dressed, fed and ready for school on time, I woke this morning to find him not only playing quietly in his room, but DRESSED and playing quietly. Hallelujah! He still tried the "I feel sick, mommy" gig to get out of going to school, so I said if he still felt sick after school we'd go to the doctor. Of course, then he felt fine. "I want to go to your work," was his next tactic. "Your work is school," I replied. "Mommy's work is at the paper." He thought on this for a while, and when I made to leave his classroom, he came up with a good one: "I want this to be your work." Oh, be still my aching heart.
Don't forget the consignment sale starting today in the Riverstreet Crossings shopping center - behind Wendy's on Riverside Drive.

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