Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Carryout Critic: Johnny Carrino's

Rstaurant: Johnny Carrino's Watson Blvd., Warner Robins
Date/Time of visit: Saturday, March 3, 5:30 p.m.
In/Out: Called ahead and was told the food would be ready in 25 minutes. Arrived about 30 minutes later and yep, it was ready.
Cost: $27 for two adult meals (with enough food to feed 4)
Recommendation: high

I've lived in Warner Robins a year and my first visit to Johnny Carrino's was Friday. To make up for lost time, we got carryout Saturday!
Chris got the chopped Italian Salad, which I had for lunch (and dinner Friday) and was amazed. Lots of greens, clod chicken, spicy pepperoni and bacon cooked just the way I like it - crispy and dry. Two (or three) kinds of cheese and a wonderfully light dressing. Not to mention, there's enough for at least two meals, or to feed me two meals and Daniel one dinner.
I got the planked salmon - which came on the plank - and was crusted with some kind of nuts and honey. The salmon was packaged separate from its sides - angel-hair pasta and spinach. The spinach was perfect - not overcooked at all - and had a very light sauce. The pasta was a miss - plain and dry - but I didn't miss it at all in the meal. I just ate some of the yummy bread included with our meal - and the toasted pine nut oil concoction. And there's still some salmon in the fridge. mmm, leftovers.

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