Monday, June 18, 2007

Curb her enthusiasm

When I was pregnant, Patience was not a baby name I considered. Now I know there was a good reason for that. This weekend, Faith was borderline obnoxious over a number of things. First, I'd told her she could borrow some of my new lip color for a wedding. She wanted to put it on before breakfast! I told her to wait until she was dressed, so she wanted to put on her dress four hours before the wedding. Finally, I told her not to ask me about it again. Two more times later, I decided to withhold the coveted lipstick to teach her patience. Then, before my husband could fully open his eyes Sunday, she wanted him to open his presents (they weren't even wrapped yet). He told her he'd open them after church. Then came the hints. I made the mistake of telling her I bought Matt a crochet set as one of her presents. She's always wanted a set, she said. Before I could get back from a special breakfast run, there was no need to wrap the present. She had hinted her way to revelation and the secret was out. Then began the never-ending pestering about when we would play. After church it was way too hot, so we decided after supper. By the time we finished eating, time was running out. There was not enough time to measure the course, and Matt wanted to play according to the rules. She struck out again. But there was another thing she could badger us about - dessert. Would Daddy share the Tiramisu? When are we going to have it? She waited somewhat patiently until Daddy was ready after dinner digested a bit, but there was room for more questions. Can I have a piece of the chocolate on the end? Yes. When we ate, she wanted to know if she could finish the rest. "No. The cake is Daddy's. It's his day." When she convinced him to give her a piece of the chocolate off his plate, I had to put my foot down. While her enthusiasm is cute, it can wear on you. She has to learn the world does not revolve around her.
- Liz Fabian

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