Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Double trouble for Nancy Grace

The news wires are abuzz now that TV's legal diva Nancy Grace is expecting twins. Don't get me wrong, I'm elated for her. As a woman who struggled for years as a single career woman wanting a family, and then waiting years for a child after I married, I know what it's like to long for a baby. Judging by some of the news items I've read this afternoon, Ms. Grace is not saying whether she used fertility treatments, but she wants women to know there is hope. While she will have her hands full juggling babies and anchoring her show, the "double-trouble" I'm referring to in the headline does not refer to the twins. I'm sure she'll have plenty of help. Rather, I believe she will bombarded from all directions because of her celebrity status. Already the blogosphere has gone wild with unkind depictions of the Macon native, who has always been downright neighborly when she comes home. Her flamboyancy sets her up as a flaming target professionally, but that shouldn't give anyone the right to be so "dis Grace full" about her pregnancy. In the world of criminal justice journalism, the stories are horrific. Already, Nancy wears her heart on her sleeve and is fairly loose with her emotions. I can only imagine how motherhood will increase the fire in her belly for child victims and hone her verbal darts toward predators. Hell really hath no fury like a Mother Grace scorned.

- Liz Fabian

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