Saturday, June 30, 2007

Summer slipping away

Wow, this summer is moving fast. I can't believe we're near the halfway mark and haven't had a daycare crisis yet. Faith has been staying busy with Vacation Bible School and is scheduled for a third week at Avalanche Ranch. She would have made it four, but two of our favorite churches are holding VBS the same week. The first week of vacation, she attended drama camp. Yesterday, it was horse camp where she learned two ways to ride, swam and had great fun with her cousin. Like Misty, we're planning to camp out. We promised Faith when she was finishing kindergarten that she could invite some friends over for a sleepover in the backyard. We'd better get busy. Time is wasting away. Thanks to Angela's post, we'll have to add the Home Depot workshops to our list.

- Liz

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