Friday, June 01, 2007

summer hot spots

I always pick up the Georgia Family magazine at the gym. Usually, there are pretty good articles and I can make my way through an issue in two sessions on the bike. But June's issue left me wanting.
"Georgia Getaways" the headline read. "Delightful Day trips." Oh, goody. Chris and I had been thinking about taking Daniel to the beach, maybe for an overnight trip so we could spend time together NOT in a car. But the magazine offered only Cumberland Island resort in its list. And I don't know about you, but Cumberland Island is NOT in my price range.
So I Googled Tybee Island camping. This is more like what we are talking about. $30 to $45 a night for a campsite, pool and shower facilities, three blocks from the beach and a little store for those "oops, I should have brought..." moments. So we'll be off to River's End campground one weekend soon, and remember, you heard about it here, not in a magazine!

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