Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Guest blogger

As an expectant mom and mother of a seven-year-old, I have been asked by my mother about all sorts of labor and delivery questions, like I must be an expert. A co-worker of my mother's just had her first child this past weekend. My mom called me every day last week to update me on her condition and to ask me questions. "She's having pains but the doctors say she's not in labor. What does that mean?" "She went in and she's dilated 2 cm and she's 50 percent thinned out. When is she going into labor?" I told her to call my sister-in-law, since she just had a baby two months ago.
Although I am expecting, it by no means makes me an expert on matters of babies, labor, morning sickness nor anything else. I can't predict any better than doctors when I will go into labor, how many hours I'll be in labor and when I call for the epidural. This is all up to baby and how long he decides to be in the womb. Unless I end up going past my due date, which is October 9, which I highly doubt, and the doctors induce me, then I won't have any idea until my little son decides its time, when this miraculous event happens.
I guess it's the way of women to want to know when its all going to happen. My mom happens to work in a daycare filled with many female teachers and many moms coming to pick up their kids. The curiosity is inevitable. I'm sure as soon as I sent her the first ultrasound pictures she was hanging them on the bulletin boards and showing them all around. But grandmas can't be beat for helping! She's already stocking the nursery up with diapers and clothes.
So as much as she drives me nuts about my pregnancy, I know she is just as curious as I am what is going on with my body and can't wait for the birth of her third grandchild.


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