Thursday, June 21, 2007

Guest Blogger

Choosing a name is so difficult. I want one that sounds good with the last name and rolls off the tongue. My significant other (SO) has said that he wants something that has meaning to him. Unfortunately Leonard DaVinci is one of those people who has meaning. After telling him a definite NO, something to the effect of I would move to Alaska to have our son before I let him put that name on the birth certificate (although my mom was more clever with her "over my dead body"), we have started with family names. Now my family has pretty common names and I don't think that I want to name my second son after anyone. I love my family, don't get me wrong, I just don't want to be reminded by name of any of them.

I tried going through some online sites where they give you the "meaning" of the name and thought I had some nice ones picked out. But apparantly, internet sites are not worthy of our son's name.

At least we have agreed on a "theme" for the room, albeit an expensive one. We want something simple and not really a theme. The only thing that comes close is Pottery Barn, yikes! Thank goodness for ebay!


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