Friday, June 22, 2007

Unlocking the mystery of Nancy Drew

We snuck off to a matinee of "Nancy Drew" this afternoon. After reading some parent comments on the movie's Web site, I decided Faith would be old enough to catch the action. Plus discovering yet another literary character on film might be a catalyst to start reading the series in coming years. I vaguely remember reading a "Nancy Drew" mystery or two, so it should be fun to revisit the books. Although Faith went straight to her swim lesson after the theater, she's already started asking questions about the plot. The reviews I read did say there were some scary elements, but I found nothing creepily frightening. In her blessed innocence, Faith always has a problem with violence - and that's a good thing. "What is he doing to her?" and "Why is he doing it?" were two of her questions. I found the film precious and entertainingly charming. There were only two other people in the theater. Even Faith commented that more people should see the movie. Emma Roberts plays the role well and you can certainly see she's inherited her aunt's beauty and flair for clothes. It will be interesting to watch her grow to be her own "Pretty Woman." She seems destined to play her Aunt Julia's daughter someday as there is quite a resemblance. The costume designer must have had a field day dressing her. I really love the look of Nancy's 50s/60s thing. Plus, some of the outrageous California fashions are a hoot. Check out Barbara Barbara of Barbara Barbara Realty. I'm off to see if I can squeeze into my penny loafers.

- Liz

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