Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Really no longer curious about George

Regulars of Middle Georgia Moms know I'm a "Curious George" fan. It's one of the programs I really don't mind watching with Faith. When I first started watching, I told you how much I liked the format of the show. Well, I took Faith to a free summer movie last week that really satisfied my curiosity about George, where he came from and why the man with the yellow hat was always wearing a yellow hat. The television show flashbacks show him as a child in yellow, but in the movie the man starts out in street clothes as a rather nervous museum curator. Slick salesmen talk him into a yellow safari outfit for his trip to Africa (where he finds George). Another TV question I had - What in the world did the man do that afforded him the luxury of a city apartment, a house in the country and a yellow convertible? Plus, in the movie, the yellow man has a girlfriend. Can you believe it? The television program led me to believe he had way too much decorating sense to be heterosexual. Unless the wealthy museum owner left him a fortune, I still don't see where the money's coming from. Time to go to the H.A. Rey book to be sure. Sounds like a summer reading project and some good, clean monkey business.
-Liz Fabian


misty said...

Remember "Friends" when Rachel and the girls had that fab New York apartment and no one ever seemed to work? I think that's why they call it fiction. Besides, what kid ever wondered where money came from? They just think mom and dad have magic in their wallets!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy (relatively speaking) watching CG on PBS with my son, too, so picked up the book of the original story - I read it as a child but had forgotten the details. Then, watching the movie I was a little disappointed they changed so much about the characters on the PBS show and made up a new story about how George and the Man got together. So, it's not a bad movie, my son LOVES it, but it doesn't really tie into the original or the TV show. I can't believe I'm blogging on Curious George.