Monday, June 26, 2006

Clean up your room!

Because Daniel is about as distractable as a kitten (oh, look - lint!), I have to closely supervise while he cleans up the disaster area he calls his room. I suspect this will be the case for - well, ever. By "closely supervise," I mean break out the drill-sergeant voice and remind him every seven seconds (funny, that's how long a fish's memory is) that he's not to be playing with the toys, he's to be putting them AWAY! The process is exhausting to both of us, but worth it when I can actually see enough carpet to make it worth getting out the vaccuum cleaner. Plus, he is pertty proud of himself "Daddy, I put ALL my toys away!" The heartbreaker came last night, though, when he'd just gotten the last of the Leggos put in their tub and Daniel misstepped and tipped the whole thing over. And if you've ever stepped on a Leggo with bare feet before you're fully alert in the morning, you know why we had to start all over and get every last one!

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