Friday, June 16, 2006

little lies

Some things, I thought, were surely learned, not instinct. But here comes Daniel, whenever his dad tells him "no" to something, asking mom the same thing! And now, when I tell him "no," he replies: "but my daddy said...."
Don't you know what happens to liars, little man? They go to Washington!
So we've tried time-outs. And we've definitely removed privileges. And we've used the bar-of-soap-on-the-tongue. On a scale of one to ten, I've decided "Lava" is the worst, "Dove" is the mildest, and "Irish Spring" is just about right to get the message across.

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Anonymous said...

"It was... it was... SOAP poisoning!"

I just found this blog (searching for fitness centers in Warner Robins, of all things) and thought I'd leave a note. I'm a mom of two teenagers, 18 and 16. Keep up the posts!