Thursday, June 01, 2006

swimming lessons

We had a swim party for Daniel's birthday. For weeks, all he could talk about was "going to Grandma's and going in the BIG pool!" Of course, then he got a look at the big pool. And came to a screaming halt. As in, clung to the doorway and refused to move. So it took some coaxing, and a little trickery by mom to get him in the water. Thirty minutes later, he finally eased his death grip on my neck. We tried a paddleboard, then a ball, then a noodle. Once he caught on to floating with the noodle, he'd toss it to me and jump for it. I'd step back a little each time, until he had to paddle to get to it - and me. Finally, I was walking around the pool with Daniel in paddling pursuit of that noodle - swimming success!

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