Wednesday, June 21, 2006

From travel trouble to triumph

We got caught off guard at the airport check-in last week. We were all flying to Canada for my husband's best friend's wedding. Not only did I not realize a passport is now required to fly to Canada, but we needed proof of Faith's citizenship. Luckily, Matt had the passports, but who knew we needed Faith's birth certificate? I sent him ahead because he had to be fitted for his best man tuxedo. Faith and I would have to travel the next day. But all's well that ends well. As my husband was getting ready to take off, the captain announced there was a problem with the engine. Matt phoned and we decided to make the mad dash to get the birth certificate and try to get back to the airport before the plane was repaired. The pilot said it would be at least a 90 minute delay. My friend agreed to go to our house in Macon, grab the certificate and start driving north. After our rendezvous at exit 197, I headed back toward Atlanta. We reached the airport just as my husband called and said they were making the final boarding call. We were too late. But God was smiling on us. Before the plane was about to take off again, the engine acted up again. This time, the plane would be grounded for repairs, and we would have to wait for a new plane. I turned the car around again and headed back to the airport. My husband was the only one on the flight who was happy about the delays. This time we had plenty of time to spare. We still had to wait a couple of hours for a new plane and a new crew. The airline ordered pizza for us all and we ate at the terminal. But we made our flight - seven hours later. I even ran into Kenny Rogers on the shuttle to the concourse. Just call me the "gambler."
- Liz Fabian

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Sonya C. Milam said...

Hey Liz! Glad you made it on the plane. Hopefully the rest of your trip was a bit less eventful. Look forward to hearing about the wedding and Canada. Scenes from Steve Martin's "Planes, Tranes, and Automobiles" came to mind as I read your words. And I thought we were the only family who lived on the edge! I'm new at this blogging thing. Ed Gris has told me about it. I'm Sonya, from FBC and was one of Faith's VBS teachers. What a treasure she is!!!!!!!