Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I screen, you screen

We all scream for sunscreen!
As you're slathering SPF 50 on your little darlings before they jump in the pool, spare a thought for your own tender skin. After all, it's not 8, or even 18, anymore. And in truth, mom's sunscreen ritual should begin before she even steps out of the bathroom in the mornings. There are a whole line of excellent moisturizers with sunscreen added that will start your skin's day off just right - no matter how many times you change clothes. (Get that chocolate ice cream away from mommy's white t-shirt! Too late.)
From least to most expensive, here are some I love:
Neutrogena'a Dry-Touch sunblock, SPF 45: It really does leave my skin feeling moisurized, but not moist. No greasy residue, no Coppertone smell. The high SPF is what I put on my face and neck, and since it's from the same company that makes my cleansers, I have no fear about putting it on my sensitive skin.
Aveeno Continuous Protection Sunblock Lotion SPF 45: I was in a panic when the store was out of Neutrogena, and picked this up. It boasted a lot of complicated protections I don't understand (five types of sun screen?) but it has a really nice scent and was as gentle on my skin as my usual brand.
Clinique Sun Care Body Sun Block SPF 25: Sunscreen and moisturizer suited for arms, hands, chest and legs. Since I love Clinique's moisturizers, I knew it would make my hands and feet feel great. But it was really creamy and took a while to rub all the way in. Of course, it contaons Zinc, so I should have expected that. On the plus side, I can go all morning without needing to reapply, and a lunchtime application lasted most of the afternoon. SPF 25 lets me get a little glow, without turning into a tomato. And since it is Clinique, I get some little freebie from the cosmetic counter when I go buy a bottle. Whoopie.

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