Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Why I love ParentCenter, BabyCenter and my pediatrician

Shortly after Daniel was born, I discovered BabyCenter, the Web site with the answers to every mom's most common question: "is that normal?" We've graduated from BabyCenter; the site has categories for preschoolers and big kids. But the best part graduated with us: I can type in Daniel's birthdate and come up with a list of milestones and things I should expect to see at his age. For example, at age four, the site says Daniel should: be making friends at preschool (yes! It's Trevor this, and Trevor that), be able to dress himself (yes! half the time we even land the right shoes on the right feet), want to help around the house (oh yeah, you've heard all about it), have mastered toilet training (hallelujah!), and be able to speak clearly enough for strangers to understand him (yep!). Further, the site lists things to work on with him: tying his shoes, zipping zippers and buttoning buttons. And Daniel's pediatrician puts the boy even further through his paces: jump on one foot, name these shapes, take off (and put back on) your shirt. And I always come away from the Web site and the doctor's office with the same feeling: my kid is right on target! He's just like all the other kids his age (okay, maybe a tiny bit ahead)! Therefore, I must not be messing him up too bad!

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