Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Bus stop safety - one more time

Two weeks in a row now we have told the sad story of a child who dies while waiting for a school bus. So perhaps it's time we all sat down with our kids and reviewed the bus stop safety rules.
1. Bus stops are not playgrounds. No running, playing, bouncing balls, throwing things, or other horseplay so close to moving traffic.
2. Cars are bigger than kids and don't stop on a dime. If you get hit, you're going to get hurt.
3. Drivers can't always see you. Foggy windows, bright morning sunshine, other traffic, all require extra focus on the part of a driver. Not to mention cell phones, breakfast and passenger distractions. So it's up to kids to watch for cars, not the other way around.
4. Stay five or six giant steps away from the curb until a bus pulls up right in front of you. Do not move until all the traffic stops.
5. Look both ways before stepping off the curb. Even if the bus is right in front of you, check traffic.
Moms - it might be a good idea to take turns waiting at the bus stop with the kids. And bring your phone. Even if you can't prevent an accident, you can call for help and administer first aid until help arrives.
Let's have a safer rest of the year.

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