Sunday, September 03, 2006

C.S.I. and the not so big bang theory

When confronting the suspect about clumps of what appeared to be human hair next to her bed and in the hall, my suspicions were confirmed. It was not Barbie hair, as my husband suspected. It came from our daughter's head and it was neatly sheared with some sort of cutting instrument - most likely scissors. As I stared at her head, she wanted to know why. "I'm trying to see where your hair has been cut," I said with a no-nonsense attitude I'd seen on "Dragnet." (Detectives often act like they know more than they do to draw out a confession.) Faith looked up with wide eyes and pointed to the front side of her head. "Why did you cut your hair," I asked. She just shrugged. Obtaining the motive would be more difficult. She knows anything she says can be used against her in this blog. So, after growing out her bangs for about a year, she's set us back several months. We had just gotten to the point where most of her hair fastened in a pony tail. Now we're back to clips. Yesterday over lunch, a couple of days since the confession, she fessed up about the motive. A pony tail holder had become hopelessly tangled in her hair, she said. She reached for the scissors to cut it out. My partner and I told her she never had to resort to violence. Just come to us. Because we could find no evidence she ran with the scissors, we dismissed the case.
- Liz Fabian

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