Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Sonny Bubba, you'd speed too

So on our way home from Alabama, I took a wrong turn. And if you've ever driven some of Georgia's back roads, you know civilization (and gas stations) can be few and far between. So when a voice piped up from the rocket seat in the back: "mom, I gotta go potty!" I started looking for a place to stop.
20 miles pass.
"Mom, I gotta poop!"
I press the gas a little harder.
"Mom, I gotta go!"
About the time I spot a gas station and pull in, I see flashing blue lights behind me. *sigh*
"Mom, can I go potty now?"
"Ma'am, do you know how fast you were going?"
"Well, I really wasn't paying attention. My son has to go to the bathroom."
"Ma'am, are you aware of our window-tint laws in Georgia?"
"Mommy, can I go potty?"
"Sir, I don't care about the tint laws. My son has to go to the bathroom right now."
"Well, in Georgia your tint has to be above 32. Can you roll your window up some for me?"
*AAAUGH* "I bought the car in Georgia, it came this way, I'd assume it's regulation."
"Well, it's at 34, so that's legal."
"MOM, I gotta go NOW!"
"You can take your son to the bathroom and I'll wait for you."
Yeah, I just bet. Dear Sheriff Sonny Bubba Junebug Johnson, if your kid was threatening to poo all over your leather seats, you'd speed too. Either that, or put some outhouses along Ga. 26 between the Alabama state line and I-75.

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