Thursday, September 21, 2006

Morning time = mommy time

I like that it's just me and Daniel in the mornings. We have our little routine, and we each have our jobs to do. Roll out of bed, he feeds the dog while I prep our breakfasts. I walk the dog and get the paper while he starts eating. I come in and we split the paper between us; he gets any page with cars on it. I polish off my cereal and go load his toothbrush. He's brushing his teeth while I dress and then I supervise his dressing process while I put my makeup on. Then out the door we go. The whole thing runs like a clock and takes less than 45 minutes. Because mom's like that: smooth, efficient and no playing around. Of course, if dad's home, the morning starts with a 30-minute snuggle, so never let it be said there aren't perks to chaos.

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