Tuesday, September 12, 2006

plan your week(end)

Here are a few things coming up on the calendar:
For those of you who missed Disney's Cars in theaters the first time around, it's playing now at the $1.99 theater on Russell Parkway. Dad took Daniel while mom was at work Saturday evening and he's still running around the house yelling "I'm the McQueen!" (Daniel, not dad.)
This Thursday, Friday and (half price!) Saturday is the Trading Treasures consignment sale. The only one I know of here in Warner Robins, it will be at 911 Bay Laurell Circle. So look it up on the map and head on out there. I'll try to drop in and let you know how it is later this week.
Saturday - if you're a new parent or grandparent (or will be soon), make time for the Rainbow House Baby Safety shower. What is it? It's a learning party where activities teach you about common household hazards and how to keep babies safe in your home. If you haven't thought about childproofing beyond getting some cabinet locks - this is a must for your weekend plans. It will be at the Toys R Us on Watson from 1 to 3 p.m. There will be refreshments and free gifts. I wonder if they'd have any tips on Daniel-proofing the universe?

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