Friday, September 08, 2006

instilling anticipation early

I realized this morning that Friday is the only day I don't have to hustle Daniel through his morning cereal and into the car to get to school on time. In fact, he's usually up early, dressed and inhales his breakfast with time to spare. Why? It's show and tell day.
It might be a coincidence, but as I think about the anticipation with which my 4-year-old looks toward Friday, then the anticipation with which my co-workers look toward Friday, I can only think "boy, we teach that one early on!"

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Anonymous said...

I was reading your articles today. This is the first time coming to this part of the Macon Telegraph. I have a lot of stories to tell about anticipation with my 3 yr old. There is one that really sticks out today. This morning when getting him ready for day care, the first thing he said is are we going to church. I nicely replied "no sweetie, we are going to school and then tonight we will go to church". This is almost an everyday question for him. He really enjoy going to childrens church and regular worship service. His name is Danyl. He is teaching his sister, who is 2 to pretend to sing in the choir. They are so attentive to their day to day activities. I just love it.
Thanks for these little journals, I'll be sure to look them up when there is time.
Have a blessed Day