Wednesday, September 13, 2006

new resource

There's a new magazine out from the editors of Family Fun magazine. It's called Wonder Time, and it's only $10 for two years (ten issues). And here's why I'm recommending it even though it is definitely written by yankees (maybe even a Canadian or two):
The articles cover kids of all ages. If there's a recommendation for a pre-schooler, there's a suggestion for a pre-teen as well.
The articles are easy to read. No complicated jargon or medical-speak.
The topics are ones we all have in common. Your kids' friendships, dealing with teasing, getting your kid to want to go to school, easy scrapbooking to preserve those precious moments.
The writers seem to have common sense as well as kid-sense. My favorite article in the premier issue was about what kids really need to know before starting preschool. (How to dress themselves, use the bathroom unsupervised, etc. How to sit still through the lenth of storytime. How to share and play well with others.) The rest will come - after all, it's PREschool!

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