Thursday, September 28, 2006

Pay-back time is funny

I'm usually not weird about my age. I would never lie about how old I am - but that doesn't mean I can't be a little sensitive. On Mother's Day, Faith presented me with a laminated crayon drawing of the two of us with a computer-printed list about "my mom." It was a precious picture with the two of us wearing purple dresses and holding hands. But I couldn't get past the first line - "My mom is 56 years old. FIFTY-SIX? I know we are older parents, but FIFTY-SIX??? Although the gift was appreciated, the first line still stung. My husband laughed, but my mind was troubled. Did the teacher really think I was 56? Do I look 56? Do I act 56? Not that there's anything wrong with being 56, mind you. I will be there in little more than a decade. The picture is hanging in the kitchen, but it's been out of my mind until now. Faith just found the one she made for Father's Day that she stashed but forgot to give him in June. In crayon, there's an adorable drawing of Faith and her dad watching television. "My dad is 60 years old," it started. Now, that's funny.

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