Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My "homey" girl

Move over Martha Stewart. Watch out Mark Ballard. Faith is creating something beautiful - at least in her eyes. I love to have fresh flowers in the house and when the garden is bare, grocery store bunches do nicely. Since putting my old furniture into Faith's room, I've tried to put flowers in her room, too. Well, she's started doing a little decorating of her own. She wants to make her room more "homey," she said. The other night I noticed she'd placed a flowered headband around the base of her lamp. Then she moved the vase of flowers from her bureau to the little chest that doubles as a coffee table in front of her love seat. She needed a cover for that table, she said. Later, I found an old eyelit doily that used to grace the top of my dresser and put it on her table while she was at school. Not to be outdone, she upstaged me. When I went into her room last night, I discovered a book covered in a flowered shirt that was placed on top of the doily as a base for the vase. Around the vase, she fashioned a thin elastic head band that had every hair clip from her drawer attached to it. What will she come up with next?
— Liz

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Anonymous said...

Yes I wanted to know if the Mable Baptist Church consignment sale has already happened?
My daughter is having a baby in November and I would love to attend this sale. 9/25/06
P.S. You said that there was another sale in the you know the date of that sale?