Friday, September 08, 2006

a word about fundraisers

You've all seen it: the note coming home attached to a slick booklet and order form. Here we go - it's the fall fundraiser. From $10 wrapping paper to reasonably-priced cookie dough to $20 cases of Coke products (the only one I've flat-out refused so far), you know that as a parent, you're duty-bound to peddle these products to your friends, co-workers, and neighbors. And then when they hit you up, you know you're duty-bound to return the favor. It's a vicious cycle, especially when every kid seems to be selling the same stuff. Candy, wrapping paper, and junk you really don't need.
What if you could find a fundraiser that peddles stuff you WANT? Stuff you already BUY? Let's talk about a fundraiser that sells pens, pencils, notebook paper and those folders your kid has to have anyway. Let's find a fundraiser that sells books - kid's books, teen mystery series, heck, even romance novels and sci fi. Now there's where I could make some sales! And did you know that AVON has fund-raising capability? So does Krispy Kreme - although they usually only sell the plain glazed in their events. So c'mon. Think like the Girl Scouts and make your fundraiser one people wait anxiously for each year. 'Cause I'm out of Thin Mints and jonesing for some Samoas. And I still have to wait all winter. I wonder if they've considered going to twice a year? hmmm.

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Sonya C. Milam said...

I feel your pain about the fundraising.

Who was it that said, "it will be a great day in America when children get everything they need for their schools and we have bake sales to buy bomb?!"

On a personal note, we've experienced "fundraising recycling". It goes like this: buy the cookie dough, make and donate cookies for the fundraising fall festival, then give your kid the $5 he needs to attend the fall festival and win a CHANCE to win the fundraising cookies!

By the way, the cookie dough is one of my favorite fundraisers. I've got a years worth in my freezer now. It really is simple and fun!!! Only mom's from the "olden days" used rolling pins, flour and aprons!!!

Sonya C. Milam